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We only use assessments derived from scholarly psychological journals which have a history of practical application. Our automatic scoring system is designed to save time, prevent human error, and demystify the scoring process. Our results include both raw scores and indicative score ranges wherever possible.


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While we do not collect any information for the purposes of personally identifying individuals, we do use some third-party statistics programs to monitor our site and permit voluntary sharing via social media:


Psychology Tools implements a number of technologies designed to protect the privacy and integrity of your data when visiting our site.


We are not medical or psychiatric professionals. The information provided on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The assessments on this website are not intended to diagnose any disease or condition and should not be solely relied on, even by mental health or health care professionals, for this or any similar purpose.

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While the tests on this page are reproduced as faithfully as possible, we make no warranty as to their validity or accuracy. Tests may contain typos or errors in coding which may result in incorrect scores. The scoring ranges are averages and estimates which are not universally applicable. Only direct, personal interaction with a mental health professional can provide you with an accurate assessment of your symptoms.

Some of the questionnaires appearing on this site have been adapted from clinician-administered or third person assessments to self assessment type models. These adapted versions may not be as reliable since the symptoms of some psychological conditions, and human nature itself, often prevents objective assessment of one's own behavior.


Where parts of original works are incorporated into our tests, we will always provide citations to such works, which are the respective intellectual property of their authors, publishers, academic institutions of origin, other valid copyright holders, or the public domain.

The Psychology Tools website transforms the portions of these original works into interactive and automatically scored tests in a manner that we intend to be in line with fair use. However, if you are a valid copyright holder for a work used in part on this website, and you would believe that one of our pages violates your copyrights, please send our administrator a DMCA notice via e-mail at and we will gladly and expeditiously remove the offending content.


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