Internet Addiction Assessment (IAA)

The Internet Addiction Assessment (IAA) provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking to understand their online behaviors and potential overuse of digital devices. It offers a structured questionnaire designed to evaluate patterns of internet and smartphone use, drawing on psychological research to identify signs of problematic engagement. This tool aims to facilitate self-reflection and awareness regarding one’s digital habits, highlighting the impact these habits may have on personal and professional life. It is a starting point for anyone concerned about their level of internet use or seeking to make informed decisions about their digital well-being.

Internet Addiction is a controversial theorized mental disorder, the existence and/or importance of which is still being debated among the psychological community. While this screening test may reveal some of the more pathological aspects of internet and smartphone use, it should not be used as a definitive diagnostic test.

Using this scale of 5 choices, answer how often the situations below apply to you and your use of computers or smartphones.

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
1. I find myself using my smartphone or computer longer than I planned to.
2. I would rather be on my smartphone or computer than interact with my partner.
3. I would rather spend time online than do things around the house.
4. My performance in school or at work suffers because of the amount of time I spend online.
5. People close to me are concerned about the amount of time I spend on my smartphone or computer.
6. When asked what I do online, I prefer not to answer.
7. My productivity and attentiveness suffers because of the amount of time I spend online.
8. I check my social media, text messages, or emails first thing after waking up.
9. I am bothered when people interrupt me while I am using my computer or smartphone.
10. I feel anxious when I do not have my smartphone with me.
11. I use the internet to escape from my real life.
12. I would be less interesting and happy without access to the internet.
13. I put off things I have to do by using my computer or smartphone.
14. When I am unable to use my smartphone, I miss it or think about what I could be doing online.
15. I stay up later at night than I had intended due to doing things online.
16. I would rather stay home and use the internet than go out with friends.
17. I have tried to reduce my smartphone or internet use without success.
18. I am concerned about missing out on thing online when not checking my smartphone.
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