The 11-item version of the KADS presented here is optimized for monitoring outcomes in adolescents (12-17 years) who are receiving treatment for major depressive disorder. Its items are worded using standard and colloquial terminology, and responses are scored on a simple 4 choice scale.

Over the last week, how have you been “on average” or “usually” regarding the following items:

  1. Low mood, sadness, feeling blah or down, depressed, just can’t be bothered.
  2. Irritable, loosing your temper easily, feeling pissed off, loosing it.
  3. Sleep difficulties - different from your usual (over the years before you got sick): trouble falling asleep, lying awake in bed.
  4. Feeling decreased interest in: hanging out with friends; being with your best friend; being with your boyfriend/girlfriend; going out of the house; doing school work or work; doing hobbies or sports or recreation.
  5. Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, letting people down, not being a good person.
  6. Feeling tired, feeling fatigued, low in energy, hard to get motivated, have to push to get things done, want to rest or lie down a lot.
  7. Trouble concentrating, can’t keep your mind on schoolwork or work, daydreaming when you should be working, hard to focus when reading, getting “bored” with work or school.
  8. Feeling that life is not very much fun, not feeling good when usually (before getting sick) would feel good, not getting as much pleasure from fun things as usual (before getting sick).
  9. Feeling worried, nervous, panicky, tense, keyed up, anxious.
  10. Physical feelings of worry like: headaches, butterflies, nausea, tingling, restlessness, diarrhea, shakes or tremors.
  11. Thoughts, plans or actions about suicide or self-harm.
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