The Spence Children's Anxiety Scale (SCAS) was developed by Dr. Susan H. Spence, PhD. You can learn more about the test from the official homepage.

Click on the circle that shows how often each of these things happen to you. There are no right or wrong answers.

  Never Sometimes Often Always
1. I worry about things.
2. I am scared of the dark.
3. When I have a problem, I get a funny feeling in my stomach.
4. I feel afraid.
5. I would feel afraid of being on my own at home.
6. I feel scared when I have to take a test.
7. I feel afraid if I have to use public toilets or bathrooms.
8. I worry about being away from my parents.
9. I feel afraid that I will make a fool of myself in front of people.
10. I worry that I will do badly at my school work.
11. I am popular amongst other kids my own age.
12. I worry that something awful will happen to someone in my family.
13. I suddenly feel as if I can't breathe when there is no reason for this.
14. I have to keep checking that I have done things right (like the switch is off, or the door is locked).
15. I feel scared if I have to sleep on my own.
16. I have trouble going to school in the mornings because I feel nervous or afraid.
17. I am good at sports.
18. I am scared of dogs.
19. I can't seem to get bad or silly thoughts out of my head.
20. When I have a problem, my heart beats really fast.
21. I suddenly start to tremble or shake when there is no reason for this.
22. I worry that something bad will happen to me.
23. I am scared of going to the doctors or dentists.
24. When I have a problem, I feel shaky.
25. I am scared of being in high places or elevators (lifts).
26. I am a good person.
27. I have to think of special thoughts to stop bad things from happening (like numbers or words).
28. I feel scared if I have to travel in the car, or on a bus or a train.
29. I worry what other people think of me.
30. I am afraid of being in crowded places (like shopping centers, the movies, buses, busy playgrounds.
31. I feel happy.
32. All of a sudden I feel really scared for no reason at all.
33. I am scared of insects or spiders.
34. I suddenly become dizzy or faint when there is no reason for this.
35. I feel afraid if I have to talk in front of my class.
36. My heart suddenly starts to beat too quickly for no reason.
37. I worry that I will suddenly get a scared feeling when there is nothing to be afraid of.
38. I like myself.
39. I am afraid of being in small closed places, like tunnels or small rooms.
40. I have to do some things over and over again (like washing my hands, cleaning or putting things in a certain order).
41. I get bothered by bad or silly thoughts or pictures in my mind.
42. I have to do some things in just the right way to stop bad things happening.
43. I am proud of my school work.
44. I would feel scared if I had to stay away from home overnight.
45. Is there something else that you are really afraid of? How often are you afraid of this thing?
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