The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale (TMAS) is a test of anxiety as a personality trait.

The statements below inquire about your behavior and emotions. Consider each statement carefully. Then indicate whether the statements are generally true or false for you.

  True False
1. I do not tire quickly
2. I believe I am no more nervous than others
3. I have very few headaches
4. I work under a great deal of tension
5. I frequently notice my hand shakes when I try do something
6. I blush no more often than others
7. I have diarrhea one a month or more
8. I worry quite a bit over possible misfortunes
9. I practically never blush
10. I am often afraid that I am going to blush
11. My hands and feet are usually warm enough
12. I sweat very easily even on cool days
13. Sometimes when embarrassed, I break out in a sweat
14. I hardly ever notice my heart pounding, and I am seldom short of breath
15. I feel hungry almost all of the time
16. I am very seldom troubled by constipation
17. I have a great deal of stomach trouble
18. I have had periods in which I lost sleep over worry
19. I am easily embarrassed
20. I am more sensitive than most other people
21. I frequently find myself worrying about something
22. I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be
23. I am usually calm and not easily upset
24. I feel anxiety about something or someone almost all of the time
25. I am happy most of the time
26. It makes me nervous to have to wait
27. Sometimes I become so excited I find it hard to get to sleep
28. I have sometimes felt that difficulties piling up so high I couldn't get over them
29. I admit I have felt worried beyond reason over small things
30. I have very few fears compared to my friends
31. I certainly feel useless at times
32. I find it hard to keep my mind on a task or job
33. I am usually self-conscious
34. I am inclined to take things hard
35. At times I think I am no good at all
36. I am certainly lacking in self-confidence
37. I sometimes feel that I am about to go to pieces
38. I am entirely self-confident
  1. Janet A. Taylor. A Personality Scale of Manifest Anxiety. 48(2) J. Abnormal and Social Psych. 285-290. .