The YMRS is typically administered by a third-party clinician, but it is provided here, in a slightly reworded form, as a self-assessment. This may not be as accurate when self-administered, as people suffering from mania are often unable to properly assess relevant outward symptoms.

There are 11 groups of statements in this questionnaire, read each group of statements carefully. Specify one of the choices that best describes the way you have been feeling for the past week by clicking the dot next to the appropriate statement.

  1. Elevated Mood
  2. Increased Motor Activity or Energy
  3. Sexual Interest
  4. Sleep
  5. Irritability
  6. Speech: Rate & Amount
  7. Language: Thought Disorder
  8. Content
  9. Disruptive or Aggressive Behavior
  10. Appearance
  11. Insight
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